D(at)YW Piloting: Web Design Course

On the 25th November 2020, the European Digital Learning Network organised an online training for implementing a piloting session on the web design course available in the D@YW platform. The choice of organising an online webinar instead of a face-to-face workshop was due to the respect of sanitary restrictions of the Italian lockdown during the 2nd pandemic wave of Covid-19 and the need to guarantee the safety of participants and speakers. The piloting session was run on GoToWebinar, an online meeting platform. 

The whole event lasted 2 hours, from 10h to 12h in the morning. A total of 14 people registered to it while 11 actively took part to the training. The participants were mainly young people and IT field employees. The trainer and main keynote was Dr. Petyo Budakov, who has an extended knowledge on the topic and works as Professor at University level. The decision to appoint Dr. Budakov was consistent with the previous ‘train the trainers’ workshops and to guarantee the expert input for the quality of the lesson delivered. The facilitator was Ms. Francesca Pissarello, Project Manager of European Digital Learning Network for the project D@YW. 

The session was promoted through social media- namely Facebook and LinkedIn- on the European Digital Learning Network accounts and on the Facebook page of the project D@YW itself. Also, potential attendees where contacted by email by European Digital Learning Network staff members and other partners of the consortium who collaboratively spread the word by sharing the links for registering to the session. 

The course tested was web design, a module for beginners. Dr. Budakov, the appointed trainer, delivered a 2hrs presentation on some principles pf web design, covering also some notions on branding and marketing. The nature of such class was interactive: attendees were involved during the whole duration of the events through polls, practical exercises, quizzes and so on. Moreover their inputs and opinions were stimulated and required several times in order to avoid a frontal approach and on the contrary to boost critical thinking and reflection among the audience. The main learning outcomes for the people who took part to this online piloting were the following:

  • Augmented knowledge about the D@YW project, its products and objectives
  • Stimulated willingness to register on the Platform and took the courses of e-Academy
  • Acquisition of knowledge on the topic of web design

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