D(at)YW: Open Badge on Web Design

Did you know, that the D(at)YW Consortium issues Open Badges to validate young people\’s learning? ?

What is an Open Badge? Open Badge is a digital representation of achievements or skills described in the framework and is an outcome of a learning procedure based on specific criteria.

For instance, one can get an Open Badge by completing the course on Web Design by European Digital Learning Network, if they are:

➡️ able to master programmes to modify images, elaborating digital images and web layout;

➡️ able to understand graphic design principles relative to web design;

➡️ be able to learn the language of the web: HTML and CSS;

➡️ able to recognise the HTML, CSS, Joomla and the jQuery programming languages: their features and specifies and how to customise WordPress based websites;

➡️ able to easily create e-commerce for online shopping and dealing with its clients and users.

Join the course on D(at)YW e-Learning Platform ? dicipass.4learning.eu.

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