D(at)YW: e-Learning Platform

The e-Learning Platform, featuring e-Academy, e-Community and e-Resource Data Bank, was developed as part of the Intellectual Output 3 (IO3-A1), and is meant to revolutionise blended-learning for young people and youth workers. Each of the partners took responsibility to integrate a specific part of the platform in their session, whether that be: e-Academy, e-Assessment, e-Community, e-Resource Data Bank, My Account, Open Badge/Certificates.

Screenshot of the Home Page of the e-Learning Platform (digital-youthwork.4learning.eu).

The Platform allows users to sign up, enrol in a course, share ideas and ask questions – all in one place, without the need to leave the page.

The e-Academy consists of 6 modules:

With its “Focus Learning” mode, learners can emerge into lessons and study the materials carefully, concentrating on completing assignments and gaining knowledge.

In the e-Community tool users can comments, raise a question, start a new thread. The e-Resource Data Bank serves a pool of online resources that could be used while learning. The resources are divided into several categories (e.g. Textual Works, Data Sets, Audiovisual Media, Online Media) and can also be searched by language or module topic.

The Platform was realised just in time for C1 Activity in the end of September, so that instructors could get a chance to fine-tune the settings and run online classes.

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