D(at)YW: Training of Trainers for Digital Education – Day 1

As part of the Plattform\’s Erasmus+ KA2 project DYW – Upgrading Digital Youth Work, , 22 educators across all of Europe took part in the training of trainers for three days (July 7-9th, 2020). This event is a continuation of the project where youth workers, trainers and education managers came together to discuss various topics about particular digital skills and different ways of teaching those digital skills – even testing the soon to be launched e-learning platform.

The online conference is on via Zoom.us, everyone is paying attention to the instructions.

The first day of the training started with the digital meet and greet. Then the educators divided in into the first session from Plattform e.V., prepared by Grisha Grigori, where they took part in exploring the topic of ? GoLang – a not so old yet versatile programming language. An initial overview was done via a digital scavenger hunt. The participants found out the local demand and income of GoLang engineers and their ever friendly online/offline local & international communities of support. Additionally, they got to look into the world of GoLang and its use in Artificial Intelligence, robots, drones, and the Internet of Things (IoTs), as well as, its use and the benefits of hacking with Go. Digital tools used included the new platform, meet.jit.si, and myquiz.org, which was a fun way to summarize the 40 min exploration.

Marina Bykova from CGE Erfurt e.V. is making simultaneous dissemination.

With learning objectives being met, a constructive reflection took part, where trainers and participants shared their insights.

After short digital lunch, the second part of the day continued with the ? Introduction to website design, prepared by European Digital Learning Network and their trainer Dr. Petyo Budakov. The trainer shared some of his vast experience and used online tools like menti.com to create an interactive environment. The content explored theoretical and practical designing of a website with primary and secondary navigation bars. Most importantly, when creating a website one must pay attention to three factors – Design, Usability, and Density of Content. In general, the material presented is vast and will create a promising curriculum for the project and those taking the course in the near future.

Natalia Gonzalez (CGE Erfurt e.V.) has been monitoring the sessions\’ flow and giving her feedbacks to the trainers.

With high marks for the first day, reflections were positive and everybody looked forward to the following two days – with four more lessons to go.

?? Thank to the whole consortium for participation!
Plattform e.V.
CGE Culture Goes Europe – Soziokulturelle Initiative Erfurt e.V.
European Digital Learning Network
Emphasys Centre
Treball, estades i formació – Open Europe Reus
Lancaster & Morecambe College


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